A WAVE TUTORIAL by frogdot

I work mostly by intuition and change settings by experimentation, versus actually knowing what I'm doing. This is my first attempt at a tutorial, so I hope it makes sense.

step 1- make a terrain

step 2- the material

step 3- the paint job

Above- untouched out of Bryce

To the right -the finished version >>>>>

After rendering and depending on your image editor, it works best to paint the foam on a new layer. I favor Corel Photo-Paint most of the time and use a brush called "spray paint". It is rough and rather speckled. Photoshop also has a set of "speckled" brushes. Any rough brush works. Use a light grey, instead of white and make it semi-transparent. I build up the paint and use the eraser to slice bits of it away, getting a nice tapered thin line when needed.




Guess that's it. This is by no means the only way to do this. Experiment!

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